The Right Strategy • The Right Message • The Right Result

Whether this is your first campaign or you are a seasoned incumbent running for re-election, Media Consultants has the experience, hands on know how and technological expertise to help you reach victory on election night.
Media Consultants can act as your campaign management solution and handle all aspects of your campaign from inception to Election Day including:

Overall Campaign Plan & Strategy
Every successful campaign has a comprehensive plan and a strategy to execute that plan. Let Media Consultants help you create and execute your blueprint for success.

Campaign Theme and Identity
With a quality message that is consistently and strategically conveyed to the voters, your campaign will be taken more seriously by the voting public. We will help you create an impactful message and campaign theme that resonates with your constituency, building candidate recognition and overall voter support.

Campaign success is directly impacted by issues that are important to the electorate and identifying any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Scientific political polling helps answer those questions. Media Consultants can conduct a quality poll that will guide the campaign in its strategy leading up to Election Day.

Budget Consultation
Budgeting is an integral component of campaign management. Let our years of experience work for you to guide you in creating a realistic budget tailored to your fundraising capability that will help your campaign operate more efficiently and effectively.

Public Relations & Interfacing with the Media
Experience with media relations (especially when dealing with controversial issues) could be the difference between victory and defeat in a political campaign. We understand the importance of handling this very time-sensitive but critical aspect of your campaign.

GOTV (Getting Out The Vote)
Voters committed to supporting your campaign on Election Day need to be identified and data based. Staying in touch with these same voters throughout the campaign and on Election Day will ensure they come out and vote. Media Consultants can set up a winning GOTV operation for your campaign.

Campaign Marketing
In order to be successful, a political campaign must connect with each voter many times and in various ways. Through phone banking, direct mail, email and internet marketing, social networking, radio and TV ads, word of mouth and in person. Media Consultants can create, produce, manage and help you implement all of these marketing strategies.

Lawn Signs
Lawn signs are one of the best and quickest ways to get your name out to the public. Our creative team will design and produce an eye catching sign that will stick in the minds of voters without breaking your budget.

Website Creation and Support
A political website is often overlooked but, is one of the main vehicles to convey more details of your campaign including why you decided to run for office, your background, how to donate, how to volunteer, voting instructions, etc… Let our creative team build a campaign website that is not only user friendly but keeps the voter engaged.

Direct Mail
Get in front of voters by direct mail with our well thought out campaign literature. Direct mail marketing continues to be an essential part of any successful campaign. We design, print, address and mail your campaign literature in the most cost efficient way with impact driven messages that will give you the edge on the competition.

TV & Radio Marketing
Depending on the number of voters and geographic area a campaign needs to target, TV and Radio advertising can be a helpful solution in getting your message out to the voters and building name recognition. Media Consultants can produce an effective spot and through its long standing relationships with TV and radio outlets will get you on the air in the right markets in the most efficient manner possible.

Social Networking
The most successful campaigns utilize social networking to its capacity. We have the technological expertise to give you a competitive edge by making sure your campaign is operating inside social networking vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Phone Banking
Phone banking can help with many aspects of the campaign: as a follow-up for the campaign’s direct mail; for identifying voter commitment and getting people out to vote; for fundraising calls; and to get out your rapid response to the opponent’s attacks. Media Consultants has access to state of the art technologies that makes phone banking efforts efficient and successful.

Email Marketing
Email marketing can and should play a prominent role in generating web site traffic, enlisting volunteers for running a ground game, collecting financial contributions from small donors, and to motivate your database to get out and vote. It is also a medium for rapid response to criticisms cast by your opponent. However, there is a science to implementing a successful targeted email marketing campaign. Media Consultants knows what works and can help your campaign implement a successful strategy.

Robo Calls
Need to communicate to the voters at a moments notice? We can schedule an automated call to be broadcast within hours of your placing the order!

Virtual Town Hall Meeting
If you want the edge in your campaign, let us set up a Virtual Town Hall Meeting for you. This is a very efficient way to reach out and touch the voters. We notify the voters about the event via a Robo Call, monitor the entire meeting and provide you with analytics. And our system allows voters to ask the candidate questions during the meeting!

Voter Lists
We can provide your campaign with the most up to date registered voters lists. We can sort your list for walking door to door, direct mail or phone banking. Options include but are not limited to; age, voter history, phone numbers and email addresses.

Campaign HQ Dressing
Our experienced election staff can design and install everything you need to make your campaign headquarters look inviting and professional. Banners, window vinyl, lighted signs, etc. Or, we can supply you with the products and you can do it yourself.

Public Speaking Coaching
One of the most important skills a political candidate must possess is the ability to clearly and succinctly communicate their campaign message to the voters. If you are uncomfortable speaking in public, have no fear. Our professional public speaking coaches will teach you how to deliver your campaign message in an articulate and impactful manner, without the jitters!

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