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Email Marketing

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Target Email Marketing – Newsletter Development and Management

We ardently believe and strongly recommend that our clients utilize target email marketing for successful new lead generation. When applied correctly, email marketing is a powerful tool which allows you to be in touch with a new audience of potential customers every time your email message is deployed.

We start by generating a targeted audience of email recipients from a responsive database where users have already agreed to receive emails and have expressed an interest in specific products and services – they are waiting to hear from you!

Your advertisement will be custom designed and targeted only to those customers who are interested in receiving it – and it will be created to look attractive on all devices.

We will help draw attention to your product and remind people about your business, bring awareness and drive traffic directly to your website or to your social media platform.

Why You Should Use Our Email Marketing Services

Our expert team of consultants will help you get new customers or keep old ones coming back.

Our services include the creation of tailored email lists with hundreds of thousands of prospects who are specifically selected to fit your marketing criteria. At the end of each campaign we summarize the statistics and deliver a comprehensive analysis.

We are even able to provide a follow-up post office mailing address list which is comprised of anyone who clicks through and shows an interest in your product or service.

Our email marketing product is extremely effective, easy to use and affordable. We are confident that you will be impressed with our higher than average conversion rates.

Some Advice for Producing a Successful Email Campaign

We have found that the most successful email marketing campaigns are those that contain an engaging subject line, a well-thought-out message and a great call to action.

You may also want to consider the addition of photos, embedded video and direct links within the body of the digital message to further enhance the overall viewing experience and encourage more interaction. Best practice is to invite the viewer to immediately visit a website or landing page where he or she can explore all of your offerings and join your mailing list – where they will become customers for life. Regular email marketing will not only broaden your market, but strengthen your brand. A happy customer loves to stay connected and refer you to others.