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Email Marketing

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Target Email Marketing – Newsletter Development and Management

We ardently believe and strongly recommend that our clients utilize target email marketing for successful customer retention and new lead generation. The practice of keeping in touch with a select list of customers who are happy with your product or service, will not only broaden your market, but strengthen your brand. A happy customer loves to stay connected and refer you to others.

By engaging your client database, you will be sure to always keep your business top of mind. We highly recommend Constant Contact® because it is extremely effective, easy to use and affordable. We can teach you to maintain your own Constant Contact® newsletter program or if you prefer, we can develop and maintain a customized newsletter program for you with sophisticated applications that will keep your opt-in email audience engaged.

Regular interaction with your select client database will not only enhance your customer relationships but will encourage repeat business and spur new client referrals. The most effective email marketing campaigns are those that contain an engaging subject line, a well-thought-out message and a great call to action.

Get Started with Email MarketingYou may also want to consider the addition of photos, embedded video and direct links within the body of the digital message to further enhance the overall viewing experience and encourage more interaction. Best practice is to invite the viewer to immediately visit a website or landing page where he or she can explore all of your offerings.

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